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Project Class

Working Cooperatively with Companies on Project Classes

Project class

The only initiative of its type in Japan, project classes are extremely popular, taken by over 80% of students in SIE. Teams of two to four students choose a theme from among those proposed by companies, local governments and university teachers, and then spend about six months solving the issue contained within. By working with current and real problems, students learn about software and system development, market research, and other subjects. At the end of the semester, after working on development with the organization that proposed the theme, students give a presentation reporting the results of their effort. Thanks to this program a variety of products have been brought to life.
Project class2

Project Class Theme Examples

Bicycle Rental Service and Charging Port Design Study

Students carried out a study regarding public bicycle rental services, a green initiative that has been growing in recent years.

Establishment of a Data Compression Method Using Speech Rate Conversion Technology

Speech rate conversion is a technology wherein speech can be slowed down, without changing the highness of the tone (pitch) of the sound.

Work Experience at School “Collaborative Development of a Mobile Application”

Students develop a mobile application. One of the programming-related themes we have received from companies.

Running a Beginners Computer Class

Students help in the operation of the Inzai City Central Community Center “My Pace Computer School.”