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Computer Vision Lab.
Name TSUKIYAMA Toshifumi
Related Course(s)JNJD
School Subjects Principally
in Charge of
Fundamentals of Information Processing
Artificial Intelligence
Position Professor
Field of Specialization Computer science
Area of Research Autonomous mobile robots,  Ambient intelligence systems
Affiliated Societies
Information Processing Society of Japan,
The Robotics Society of Japan,
The Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers,
The Society of Instrument and Control Engineers
Career Summary
Toshifumi TSUKIYAMA received the B. Eng. degree in biophysical engineering and D. Eng.
degree from Osaka University, Osaka, Japan, in 1972 and 1988, respectively.  
Since 1972 he had been doing researches on computer vision systems for autonomous
mobile robots in Electrotechnical Lab. of the Japanese Government. Since 2001 he is 
with Tokyo Denki University as full professor. His current research topics are mainly 
navigation systems for autonomous mobile robots, and sensor systems for ambient intelligence.

Selected Papers and Published Works

  • T. Tsukiyama "Three-dimensional Sensing using Near Infrared Camera with Non-structured Lighting " Proc. of SPIE (2004)
  • T. Tsukiyama "Navigation System for Indoor Mobile Robots Based on RFID Tags" Proc. of ICINCO (2007)
  • T. Tsukiyama "Mobile Robot Localization from Landmark Bearings" Proc. Of IMEKO XIX World Congress (2009)
  • T. Tsukiyama "RFID Based Navigation System for Indoor Mobile Robots" Proc. of 18th IFAC World Congress (2011)