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Medical Engineering and Assisttive Technology Laboratory
Name SUZUKI Makoto
Related Course(s)JNJDJSJC
School Subjects Principally
in Charge of
Medical Information Engineering
Biomedical Measurement Engineering
Field of Specialization Assistive Technology, Medical Engineering
Area of Research Application of Image Processing, Engineering for Child Care, User Interface for Disabled
Affiliated Societies Japanese Society for Wellbeing Science and Assistive Technology, The Society of Life Support Engineering, Japanese Society for Medical and Biological Engineering, Japan Society of Computer Aided Surgery, The Japan Society for Precision Engineering
Career Summary
2002 Apr. - Present
Associate Professor, School of Information Environment, Tokyo Denki University
1998 Mar.-2002 Mar.
Associate Professor, Applied Superconductivity Research Lab., Tokyo Denki University
1995 May -1998 Feb.
Lecturer, Graduate School of Engineering., Univ. of Tokyo
1995 Mar.
Graduate Doctor of Engineering, the Univ. of Tokyo
1992 Jun.-1995 May
Research Associate, Faculty of Eng., Univ. of Tokyo
1992 Mar.
Graduate Master of Engineering, the Univ. of Tokyo
1990 Sep.-1991 Jun.
Visiting Researcher, Medical Engineering Lab., Technical Research Centre of Finland (Finnish Government Scholarship) 

Selected Papers and Published Works

  • Makoto SUZUKI, Sachiyo KATAOKA, Eiko SHIMOKAWA and Toshin GO "Application of Motion Analysis of Upper Limbs to Evaluation of Self-motion in Music Therapy" Life Support、Vol.21 No.4 p.3-9(2009)