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Basic data

OSAKI Atsushi

Healthcare Architecture Laboratory
Name OSAKI Atsushi
Related Course(s)JSJC
School Subjects Principally
in Charge of
Environmental Project Seminar A
Computer aided design
Three-Dimensional Computer Animation
Computer Mathematics
Building Regulation
Position Associate Professor
Field of Specialization Architecture
Area of Research Architecture and Planning
Affiliated Societies
Architectural Institute of Japan
Man-Environment Research Association
Rehabilitation Engineering Society of JAPAN
The Japanese Society for Wellbeing Science and Assistive Technology
Career Summary
March 1997 B.Eng. in Industrial Design, Chiba Institute of Technology
March 1999 M.Eng. in Industrial Design, Chiba Institute of Technology
March 2005 Dr.Eng. in Architecture, Tokyo University
April 2009 Assistant Professor, Faculty of Infomation Environment, Tokyo Denki university

Selected Papers and Published Works

  • Osaki, A., Yoshimura, A.(2013), COMPARISON OF USE OF WALL SPACE AMONG ELEMENTARY SCHOOLS WITH DIFFERENT TYPES OF SCHOOL BUILDINGS -Research on the use of wall space as means of information dissemination in elementary and junior high schools part 1, Journal of architecture and planning, vol. 78, No. 684, pp. 335-344
  • Osaki, A., Sekido, Y., Kobayashi, H., Nakatani, T., Nishide, K.(2012), Characteristics of spatial evaluations from a horizontal posture in mockups of Japanese Experiment Module of ISS -Basic study on scale planning of interior spaces in space architecture-, MERA Journal, vol. 29, pp. 21-30
  • Osaki, A., Nishide, K.(2009), Effects of ceiling height of houses on residents' activities, MERA Journal, vol. 24, pp. 1-10