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Laboratory of Musical Brain Functions
Related Course(s)JNJDJSJC
School Subjects Principally
in Charge of
Linear Algebra
Position Professor
Field of Specialization Biomedical Engineering
Area of Research Cytomagnetometry, Complex neural networs, Brain functions in music perception
Affiliated Societies IEEE, IEICE, Japanese Society for Medical and Biologial Engineering, Japan Biomagnetism and Bioelectromagnetics Society
Career Summary
Graduated from Department of Electronics, Tokyo University, 1971. 
Obtained Ph.D from Tokyo University, 1976.
Assistant Professor at Tokyo Denki University, 1976.
Visiting Scientist at MIT, 1979.
Research Fellow at Harvard School of Public Health, 1980.
Professor at Tokyo Denki University School of Information Environment, 2002.

Selected Papers and Published Works

  • Behavior of solutions of the Hodgkin-Huxley equations and its relation to properties of mechanoreceptors, Biophysical J, 15, 469-479, 1975.
  • A model of magnetization and relaxation of ferrimagnetic particles in the lung, IEEE Trans BME-29, 745-752, 1982.
  • Three-dimensional imaging in microscopy as an extension of the theory of two-dimensional imaging, J Opt. Soc. Am A2, 121,1848-1851,1988.
  • Complex associative memory, Neural Networks, 9, 253-261, 1996.
  • Evoked magnetoencephalographic responses to omissin of a tone in a miscal scale, J. Acoust Soc. Am., 131, 4770-4784, 2012.