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Basic data


Interaction Laboratory
Name MUKAWA Naoki
Related Course(s)JNJDJSJC
School Subjects Principally
in Charge of
Efficient coding of multimedia information
Human vision and image processing
Introduction to communicative system design
Telecommunication Literacy
Position Professor
Field of Specialization
Human Interface
Informationi Media Processing
Area of Research
Human Computer Interaction, Communication Analysis
Pattern Recognition
Affiliated Societies
IEICE (The Institute of Electronics, Information and  
                                                Communication Engineers)
IPSJ (Information Processing Society of Japan)
JSAI (The Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence)
Japanese Academy of Facial Studies
Career Summary
1976 M.Eng. (Waseda University)
1976 Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (NTT)
1992 Ph.D. in Engineering (Waseda University)
1994 NTT Data Corporation
2000 NTT Communication Science Laboratories
2003 School of information Environment, Tokyo Denki University

Selected Papers and Published Works

  • Analysis on Utterance Behaviors Embedded in Eating Actions ―How Are Conversations and Hand-Mouth-Motions Controlled in Three-party Table Talk? ―
  • Towards Communicative Human-like Agents and Humanoid Robots Designed by Social Science Approach : Can Socially-designed Robots Get over the  "Uncanny Valley ? "