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Information Network Environment Lab.
Name MIYAHO Noriharu
Related Course(s)JNJDJC
School Subjects Principally
in Charge of
Computer Network
Parallel processing
Information Ethics
Position Professor
Field of Specialization Communication Engineering 
Area of Research Network Technologies, Network Services, and Ubiquitous Network (Sensor, Visible Light communication)
Affiliated Societies IEEE,  ACM , IEICE(The Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers) , IPSJ , IEI (The Illuminating Engineering Institute of Japan)
Career Summary
1983 Nippon Telegraph and TelephonePublic Coporation,  ECL(Electric Communications Labs., Staff Engineer,
1988 NTT Technology Headquarters, Manager,
1990 NTT Communication Lab., Senior staff Engineer,
1995 NTT Network Service System Lab., Research Group Leader,
1997  NTT Enterprise Promotion Division,  Director, 
1999 NTT R&D Headquarters,  Director
2003 Professor of TDU, Department of Information Environment,
2005 Professor of  Graduate School of  TDU,
2010 Professor and Department Chairperson of TDU

Selected Papers and Published Works

  • Best Paper Award; N.Miyaho“Next Generation Network Node Switch Archtecture by making use of SFQ technologeis”,IEICE, J92-B No.11,1725-1740, 2009.
  • Best Papaer Award;  N. Miyaho et al.,“Study on a Disaster Recovery Network Mechanism Using Widely Distributed PC Client Nodes”(ICSNC2009),The Fourth International Conference on Systems and Networks Communications, pp. 217-223, 2009.
  • Sensor Network Management for Healthcare Applications"(ICSNC2010国際会議最優秀論文賞)
  • Best Papaer Award; N. Miyaho, et al.,“Sensor network management for healthcare applications(ICSNC’2010), pp. 14-20, 2010.

Message to Students

Please visit the Miyaho Lab. ! This Lab. is the best for the students such as
1)The students who want to study the latest network technology.
2)The students who will design the original network servicess. and implement network systems, softweare and hardware.  
If they study and learn at the Miyaho Lab., they will be able to demonstrate their technological skills in the industrial societies. They will also master both communication and English presentation skills. We have joint meeting with Sibaura Institute of Technology. All students can publish academic papers to the IEICE national convention. 


  • NTT President Awards, IEICE awards for the contributions