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Basic data

ENDO Yoshinori

Name ENDO Yoshinori
Related Course(s)JSJC
School Subjects Principally
in Charge of
Computer aided design
Three-Dimensional Computer Animation
Architectural CAD Practice
Environmental Project Seminar B
Information Environment Practice A
Position Lecturer
Field of Specialization Architectural design
Area of Research Architectural design , Housing
Affiliated Societies Architectural Insutitute of Japan
Career Summary
Master Course, Department of Architecture, Faculty of Fine Arts, Tokyo University of the Arts 
Doctor Course, Department of Architecture, Faculty of Fine Arts, Tokyo University of the Arts
Kohei Okamoto Senior registered architect office 
Part-time lecture at the College of Mejiro
Part-time lecture at the Department of Information Environment, School of Information Environment, Tokyo Denki University

Selected Papers and Published Works

  • Kimura Residence (detailed design, collaboration)
  • Japan Expo 2001 YAMAGUCHI (detailed design, collaboration)
  • K Residence Annex (detailed design, collaboration)
  • 『Steps Toward the Diproma Design』 (collaboration)
  • 『A Guide to Making and Using Architectural Design Model』 

Message to Students

“What is your question?” is a phrase that was often used by the famous American architect, Louis Kahn. I have made it my own motto for whenever I am designing something, and when advising students as they work on their own designs. It is said that Kahn, who constantly used this phrase around the students and staff in his university studios and offices, was not asking whether they had a question. Instead, he was using it in the sense: “when you clarify the issue, the answer will naturally come into focus.”
I believe that this question is representative of an attitude that is extremely important to have; not only when designing architecture, but also in living our lives. It is my hope that you also will apply yourselves to individual problems and challenges in the same way.


Participated as a student representative of Japan to 4th ASIAN ARCHITECTURAL STUDENTS JAMBOREE