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Communication Engineering Course

Communication Engineering Course
   Designing People’s Connections

Through themes students learn how to interconnect people in a fast changing information society, and how to make things that are easy to understand and use. Through their study, students will acquire a balanced knowledge of such engineering concepts as user interface design and media processing, as well as concepts from the humanities that are related to how people think, feel and communicate.

The Three Cores

  • Design Engineering

    What can students learn about?
    Human-centered Design
    Design Engineering
    Evaluation of Usability

    Future Career Paths: Systems Design
    Industrial Design
    User Interface Design
    Web Design

  • Human Interface

    What can students learn about? Multimedia Technologies
    Audio-video Processing
    Computer Graphics
    Interface Technologies
    Interaction Technologies

    Future Career Paths: Multimedia Engineer
    Audio-video Device Design and Development
    Cellular Phone
    Smartphone Interface Design

  • Human Science

    What can students learn about? The Psychology of Understandability
    Social Psychology
    Cognitive Psychology
    Information Psychology
    Verbal and Nonverbal Communication
    Vision and Audition

    Future Career Paths: User Interface Design
    Mass Media