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Network and Computer Engineering Course

Network and Computer Engineering Course
The realization of a safe and comfortable network society

Computers send and receive information, which holds a vital place in modern society. They are also good at rapid numeric calculation. Programming allows for the operation of computers at will, while networks connect countless computers. The objective of this course is to master these three technologies, building a solid foundation as an engineer that can support an information society.

The Three Cores

  • Networks

    What can students learn about?  Network Configuration
    Real-time Distributed Computing
    Information Systems Construction

    Future Career Paths:  Network Engineering
    Network Administration
    Network Design
    IT Business

  • Computers

    What can students learn about?  Computer Configuration
    Computer Technology
    Operating Systems, etc.

    Future Career Paths:  Computer Manufacturing
    Systems Engineering
    Embedded Software Design

  • Programming

    What can students learn about?  Software Analysis and Design
    Information Security

    Future Career Paths:  Software Design and Development
    Data Center
    System Provider
    System Vendor