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Course/Core Organization Aims

SIE consists of a single department offering four courses. The reason that a course system was selected is because it allows for a rapid response to the demands of a relentlessly changing information society, and allows flexibility in keeping the curriculum current. 
For each course there are two or three specialty areas called “cores,” which are generalized in the student’s future career field. On entry to the school, students will choose the course they will follow, and their core concentration. Their choice of subjects and curriculum will determine which of these cores they will concentrate in. 
We have taken care to make the process of deciding on the subjects to learn as simple as possible for the student. Through thinking about the course they want to take and the cores that it offers, the path that students need to follow to achieve their goals will become crystal clear.
We understand that after studying a variety of topics, students may change their minds regarding the course they are pursuing. So after the first year of study at the university, we offer students the option of selecting a different course.

Introduction to each course

  • Network and Computer Engineering Course

    Develops engineers in the fields that are the foundation of information society: computers, networks and programming. 


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  • Digital Information Engineering Course

    Trains people who can design and develop a variety of systems that offer wealth and safety.

     Medical and Assistive Technology Engineering
     System Design

    and more
  • Architecture Design Course

    Students learn about what makes a comfortable “space” and “environment” in an information society, in both the real and the virtual worlds.

     Virtual Environment Design

    and more
  • Network and Computer Engineering Course

    Create positive communication from engineering and humanist perspectives.

     Design Engineering
     Human Interface
     Human Science

    and more